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Notice for Departmental Examination for the post of Laboratory Assistant (PDF, 45KB)

List of Holidays 2023

Results (Departmental Examinations)



Proforma available for download

Bills related performa
LTC application form (PDF, 929KB) LTC advance Form (PDF, 271KB) (In Hindi)
Medical Bill Form (PDF, 462KB) Application for advance for car/motor cycle (PDF, 74KB)
CGEIS form (PDF, 102KB) Application for CGEIS payment (PDF, 151KB)
GPF advance form (PDF, 116KB) (In Hindi) GPF final form (PDF, 87KB) (In Hindi)
LTC claim form (PDF, 198KB) Nomination form for CGEIS (PDF, 55KB)
TA advance form (PDF, 53KB) TA claim form (PDF, 277KB)
Form for TA claim on transfer (PDF, 226KB)  
Administration related performa
Application for employment in other department (PDF, 66KB) Apllication for change in address (PDF, 29KB) (In Hindi)
Format for Character Certificate (PDF, 7KB) Application for Government Accomodation (PDF, 1.6MB)
Declaration to be given by person joining government job (PDF, 29KB) (In Hindi) Declaration to be given by person joining on compassionate ground (PDF, 23KB) (In Hindi)
Proforma regarding employment of dependants of government servants dying while in service/retired (PDF, 79KB) Proforma for family details (PDF, 31KB) (In Hindi)
Proforma for giving information regarding foreign travel (PDF, 70KB) Proforma for providing intimation of immovable property (PDF, 74KB)
Proforma for providing intimation of movable property (PDF, 74KB) Medical examination form (PDF, 77KB)
Proforma for permission to apply for passport (PDF, 73KB) Application for permission of building of/addition to house (PDF, 17KB)
Annual IPR Form (PDF, 50KB) (In Hindi) Form for Retention of Government Accomodation (PDF, 31KB)
Proforma for compassionate appointment (PDF, 13KB) Form of application for Child Care Leave (CCL) (PDF, 92.1KB)
General Section related performa
Proforma for newspaper bill reimbursement Proforma for telephone bill reimbursement
Guest House related
Request performa for Guest House (PDF, 92KB)
Website related
Request performa for uploading content on website (PDF, 86KB)
AEBAS related
AEBAS complaint performa (PDF, 78KB) Prerforma for intimation of failure to mark attendance through AEBAS (PDF, 44KB)
Treatment Centre related
Annual medical checkup performa (PDF, 550KB)  
Stores related
Store Indent Performa (PDF, 186KB) Stationery requisition performa (PDF, 381KB)
Proprietary Article Certificate (PAC) (PDF, 123KB)  
Identity card related
Form for preparation of Identity card (PDF, 399KB)