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  1. Administration Section
    This division is engaged in all work related to Human Resource Management viz.,
    • a) Recruitment of staff
    • b) Deployment of staff
    • c) Fixation of salary, maintenance of service book and promotions of staff
    • d) Matters related with CPWD and House allotment
    • e) Parliament Questions
    • f) Framing of Recruitment Rules, Maintenance of Reservation Roster
    • g) Correspondence with Dte. G.H.S and Ministry
  2. Accounts
    Accounts section comprises Bill Section, Accounts Section and cost & Accounts Section. The Section is engaged in the following activities:
    • a) Preparation of budget and monitoring of the same
    • b) Preparation of salary
    • c) Income tax deductions
    • d) Handling of medical reimbursement
    • e) Handling of all allowances
    • f) Release of payments
    • g) Costing of items and services
    • h) Auditing
  3. Hindi Section
    With the enforcement of Constitution on 26th January, 1950, Hindi (written in Devnagri script) became the Official Language of the Union of India according to Article 343 of the Constitution of India. Government of India as per article 351 was entrusted with the duty to promote the spread and development of Hindi Language so that it might serve as a medium of expression of all the elements of the composite culture of India. In compliance with the Constitutional provisions, Hindi Section was set up at this Institute in the year 1981.
    The main objectives of Hindi section of the Institute are as under:
    1. Dealing with the implementation of the provisions of the Constitution relating to official language Policy of Government of India and the provisions of the Official Language Act, 1963.
    2. Teaching and Training of the Central Government Employees who do not have the Working knowledge of Hindi/Hindi Typing.
    3. Translation of various Official and Procedural Literature documents.
    4. Accordingly, with a view to fulfill the aforesaid objectives, Hindi Section of the Institute is doing its utmost efforts to achieve the targets set by the Department of Official Language. Progress has been made in the progressive use of Hindi in official work at this Institute. The use of Hindi at this Institute has been increased and the achievement of the Institute in this regard has regularly been acknowledged by the various Inspection teams including Parliamentary Committee on official Language.