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About Us

Central Research Institute (CRI) is pioneer in the field of vaccines not only in India but in the world. Founded on 3rd of May 1905, the Institute was originally established with a mandate of research work in the field of medical and public health, manufacture of vaccines and antisera, human resource development and to act as a national referral centre for public health problems. The contribution of the Institute towards vaccine production during the period of the Second World War for the immunization of troops to keep them fighting fit, finds no parallel.

The institute has set various milestones during its journey of over 118 years. During this period the institute has been continuously contributing to the National Health Programme. The mission of the institute is to manufacture life saving immunobiologicals (DPT group of vaccines and antisera), surveillance activities, teaching and training in the field of microbiology and vaccinilogy.

Recent developments in regulatory requirements and introduction of Schedule M concept in vaccine manufacturing emphasized the need of cGMP compliant infrastructure and processes. Considering the need of cGMP compliance to keep pace with advances in regulatory requirements and technological developments, CRI has been able to create a cGMP compliant facility for production of DPT group of vaccines. Creation of cGMP compliant DPT production facility has made CRI  the first Central Government Institute to have cGMP compliant infrastructure for vaccine production.

Vision of the institute is to manufacture vaccines against emerging diseases under cGMP compliance and to become a teaching and training hub in the field of immunobiologicals.