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Rate enquiry for Vent filters and cassettes (To be opened on 05/11/2019) (PDF, 273KB)

Rate enquiry for Cresol with soap solution (To be opened on 29/10/2019) (PDF, 1.10MB)

Rate enquiry for Jaggery (To be opened on 29/10/2019) (PDF, 509KB)

Rate enquiry for Mobile Laminar Air Flow (To be opened on 29/10/2019) (PDF, 363KB)

Rate enquiry for EKS filter pads (To be opened on 29/10/2019) (PDF, 340KB)

Tender for Boiler (To be opened on 29/10/2019) (PDF, 1.15MB)

Rate enquiry for aluminium foil roll (To be opened on 22/10/2019) (PDF, 0.98MB)

Rate enquiry for pepsin (To be opened on 22/10/2019) (PDF, 1.09MB)

Rate enquiry for SDS PAGE apparatus (To be opened on 22/10/2019) (PDF, 336KB)

Rate enquiry for Bottle brushing machine (To be opened on 22/10/2019) (PDF, 328KB)

Rate enquiry for Thiomersal (To be opened on 22/10/2019) (PDF, 657KB)


Rate enquiry for Cryo container/Liquid Nitrogen Container (To be opened on 15/10/2019) (PDF, 327KB)

Rate enquiry for CO2 Incubator (To be opened on 15/10/2019) (PDF, 399KB)

Rate enquiry for Glass bottles (To be opened on 07/10/2019) (PDF, 317KB)

Rate enquiry for Aluminium Seals (Blue) (To be opened on 07/10/2019) (PDF, 966KB)

Tender Notice for Water for Injection (WFI) Plant (To be opened on 07/10/2019) (PDF, 734KB)

Rate enquiry for PTFE membrane cartridge filter (To be opened on 07/10/2019) (PDF, 315KB)

Rate enquiry for carrot (To be opened on 01/10/2019) (PDF, 797KB)

Rate enquiry for Jaggery (To be opened on 01/10/2019) (PDF, 253KB)



* Tenders/quotations older than 15 days from the date of closing  may be downloaded from Archives