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Rabies Research Centre

This unit is engaged in the diagnostic work. The following diagnostic work is being carried out:-

  1. Diagnosis of suspected rabies in animals and human beings by Flourescent Antibody Test (FAT) & Biological Test.
  2. Estimation of Rabies Antibody in human beings ( Pre & Post exposure) by Serum Virus Neutralisation Test (SVNT)
  3. Preparation of Negri body slides.

Preparation of diagnostic reagents:-

  1. Preparation of Challenge Virus Standard (CVS)
  2. Preparation of F.I.T.C (Flourescent Isothiocynate) conjugates both liquid & Freeze dried.
  3. Preparation of stain for Negri body slides.
  4. Preparation of Normal Mouse brain (NMB) & Rabid Mouse brain (RMB) suspensions.

Other works:-

Supply of CVS, FITC conjugate & Negri body slides to different Institutions on demand.

Instructions for sending the samples for rabies diagnosis can be downloaded from the following link:

Instructions for sending samples for rabies diagnosis (PDF, 80KB)

Instructions for sending samples for serum antibody titres (SVNT) (PDF, 429KB)

Contact Details:

Rabies Research Centre
Central Research Institute
Kasauli, Distt: Solan
(H.P) – 173204 (INDIA)
Ph: 01792-272040