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National Influenza Surveillance Centre

The Laboratory was established in 1962 and recognized as National Influenza Centre by WHO in March 1977.This centre is engaged in influenza surveillance programme and allied research activities. The samples are collected from ILI patients from and surrounding areas of Kasauli.

The influenza surveillance work is carried out by isolating the influenza viruses from clinical materials i.e. (throat washes/swabs) collected from suspected cases of Influenza so as to keep watch on the prevalence of influenza viruses. The objective of surveillance includes the following:–

  1. To provide data for better informed action regarding national and local influenza prevention and control efforts, including vaccination campaigns. These include data on-
  • Epidemiology and seasonality data of influenza.
  • Group of high risk for severe outcomes. 

2. To provide Influenza virus isolates for monitoring changes in viral antigens, antiviral susceptibility.  To provide a platform for surveillance that includes additional common respiratory pathogens. Sentinel site surveillance will   also support any future pandemic preparedness by:-

  • Providing community specific data necessary for pandemic planning. 

       3. Supporting infrastructure needed for pandemic alert and response activities.


Contact details:

National Influenza Surveillance Centre
Central Research Institute
Kasauli (H.P) - 173204 - INDIA
Ph: 01792-273169