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At the Indian Medical Congress held in Calcutta in 1894, the editor of British Medical Journal Enest Hart stressed on the need of a special research institute in India, for the investigation into origin, mode of transmission and treatment of tropical diseases. The foundation of an Imperial Laboratory “Central Research Institute” was sanctioned in 1896. The idea took firm ground with establishment of the institute on 3rd May 1905.



To provide facilities for

  1. Research work on problems of medical and public health interest
  2. Manufacture of vaccines and antisera
  3. Human resource development
  4. To act as a National referral centre to which enquiries with respect to public health could be directed


Services provided by the institute

1. Production
  1. Vaccines
  2. Antisera
  3. Diagnostic reagents
2. Surviellance
  1. Polio
  2. Influenza
  3. Zika
  4. COVID
3. National Centres
       a. Salmonella and Escherichia coli
4. Diagnostic services
       a. Rabies
5. Medical services
  1. Yellow Fever and polio vaccination centre
  2. Animal bite clinic
  3. OPD and Emergency services
  4. Clinical laboratory
6.Human Resource Development
  1. M.Sc. Microbiology
  2. Ph.D. Microbiology
  3. Certificate course in production of immunobiologicals and Animal care
  4. Industrial trainings and project work
  5. Apprenticeship for ITI holders
7. Other services
  1. Library
  2. Animal Facility

Redressal of grievances

Grievances can be submitted directly in writing or online at the Public Grievance Portal
Grievances are forwarded to the Committee appointed for this purpose along with all relevant documents. The grievances are attended to within a fortnight.
Product related complaints
Products are manufactured as per Current Good Manufacturing Practices maintaining high quality standards. Any complaint is to be addressed to pharmacovigilance division will be handled and investigated by Quality Assurance Department of the institute as per the standard written procedures.

Nodal Officers

S. No.


Name of Nodal officer

Contact Details


AEBAS Attendance Monitoring

Dr. Yashwant Kumar, Assistant Director (NM)




Public Relation officer

Dr. Yashwant Kumar, Assistant Director (NM)




Chairman, Internal Complaint committee for sexual harassment of women at workplace

Contact details of the committee members (PDF, 775KB) (In Hindi)

Dr. Romica Latawa, Assistant Director (NM)



4. Laison Officer SC/ST Dr.Sanjay Chavan, Assistant Director (NM)



5. Laison Officer OBC/EWS Dr. Ablesh Gautam, Assistant Director (NM)

Chairman, Anti-Ragging Committee

Contact details of the committee members (PDF, 314KB)

Dr. Subhadip Mahapatra, Assistant Director (NM)




Hostel Warden

Dr. Ablesh Gautam, Asstt. Director (NM)

8. Chairman, Public Grievance Committee
Dr. Ablesh Gautam, Asstt. Director (NM)