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Animal Facility

This division’s came in to existence in year 1905 and presently houses Mice, Rabbit, Guinea pig, Sheep and equines. The animal breeding facility (Mice, Rabbit, Guinea pig) caters mainly to the requirement of the Institute while surplus animal are provided to CPSEA registered teaching and research facilities.

Horses are used for raising of Anti- Sera and normal Horse Blood. Sheep are reared for Normal Sheep Blood.

Prerequisite for purchase of Laboratory Animals i.e Mice rabbit and guinea pig from C.R.I.

  1. Institute should be registered to CPCSEA for conducting experiments.
  2. A Certificate of approval by indenter Institute’s Animal Ethic Committee describing clearly number of animals and spp. of animals to be used and validity period for experimentation.
  3. A certificate by Head of indenting department providing details of
    • Name of research work
    • Number and species of animal required
    • IAEC approval number
    • Number of animals used till date in the said experiment

New Animal House
Central Research Institute
Kasauli (H.P) – 173204 (INDIA)
Ph: 01792-273165